2.11 ABC song

At the end of the session the speakers and the audience are singing a song together. This song will hopefully spread among the target group and contributes to the break of HIV/AIDS-related taboos.

song text
copies for distribution to the audience


A song worked out by the speakers, or better, in cooperation with local youth clubs, is sung. The verses are sung alternately by the speakers and the audience joins in with the chorus. An accompaniment with a rhythmical instrument like a drum or bongo can improve the presentation.
The presented song is based on the “Boats of hopes” and the concept of ABC. The melody corresponds to the song “Oh, Susanna” (“I come from Alabama with my banjo on my knee…”).

ABC song

A, B, C and AIDS won’t attack me /
Abstinence or Faithfulness or Condoms protect me

1. Victoria is a smart girl and she doesn’t waste her life, /
She abstains from sex because she knows; it’s the best way to survive

2. Being faithful is the way of choice for Kofi and Mary-Ann, /
They are standing side by side from the day their love began

3. Kwame loves the girls and he also loves his life, /
So he uses condoms till the day he gets a wife

4. Also if I don’t want to become young daddy or young mum/
I use A or C and the baby will not come

5. So if I want to avoid disease and STD, /
I follow those simple rules of A or B or C!

5 Minutes.

An English-language song is sung excluding those who have a low command of the English language. Due to a lucky coincidence, an American volunteer of the Peace Corps was teaching us a song on HIV/AIDS in the local language Ewe. With this song we could reach the whole audience.
Below we present the song and its translation:

Ewe song

1.wobenuka ya [what are they saying?]
migble mase ye [tell me and I will listen]
maibe aids ye [they are saying: It is AIDS!]

2. wobenuka ya [what are they saying?]
maibe dikanaku [they are saying: It is AIDS!]

3. midschaye [be careful]
dekakpio midschaye [young man, be careful]
midschaye [be careful]
detugbio midschaye [young woman, be careful]

4.aids donye dobada [AIDS is a dreadful disease]
ame wum lak beme [it will kill you]
aids donye dobada [AIDS is a dreadful disease]
ame wum lak beme [it will kill you]

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