2.3 AIDS-graph (Video)

The audience gets an idea of what HIV and AIDS are, and how they are connected. This unit should explain the causal connection between the pathogen HIV and the syndrome AIDS.

two illustrative charts with the written-out meaning of the acronyms HIV and AIDS
a blackboard image

Construction and explanation of a blackboard image.

The two illustrative charts are explained and stuck to the blackboard. While doing this it is important that the speaker breaks down the expressions HIV and AIDS and makes them understandable. In our case there were no corresponding words for “immunodeficiency,” “immune deficiency,” “virus” and “syndrome” in the local language.
Next, the speaker draws an arrow from HIV to AIDS, which explains the causal connection: an HIV infection will certainly result in AIDS. Another arrow as the y-axis represents the strength of the immune system. The drawing in of a falling curve illustrates that the immune system of the body, which is still intact at the beginning of the HIV infection, is decreasing. It is only a matter of time until the immune system is increasingly unable to repel pathogens and/or to push the recovery process. At the end of this process the person living with HIV is in the full stage of AIDS, which is characterized by several symptoms and ends with death.
Finally, we stressed the individual differences of this inevitable process, and its duration from the HIV infection up to the first signs of AIDS. We exemplary mentioned 2, 5 or 10 years, particularly because the individual resistances are already weakened due to poor living standards. We compared the individual differences of the duration up to the breakout of AIDS with individual differences in stature, body weight, height as well as the reached age.

10 Minutes.

Illustration with the help of a coordinate system may be too abstract. Due to low literacy levels and low commands of the English language, the explanation of HIV and AIDS makes little sense.
> Flexible use of this module and, if necessary, reduce it or leave it out completely

The module “AIDS graph” is left out completely, and the contained information (HIV and AIDS, chronological process, causal connection and duration) is covered in the “Our body game.”

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