In the second half of 2002 the following project, within the framework of the German ASA-Program of InWEnt, was carried out in cooperation with the National Youth Council, Ghana, in the Akatsi District of Ghana:

HIV/AIDS awareness campaign for young people in rural areas

Within this document, which also serves as a final report to the ASA-Program, the three ASA-participants: Tobias Troll, Sven Voigtländer and Irma Welinsky, want to present parts of the Awareness Campaign. This package consists of a brochure and an accompanying video.

In the year 2004 another HIV/AIDS-Awareness campaign was carried out by Liga Krastina and Jan Weber. They developed a Stigma-Module and an explanation strategy which fit into the methodological framework of their predecessors and were integrated into the brochure.

Also their evaluation report can be downloaded here.

1 Introduction

2 The modules
2.1 Introduction
2.2 Mouse game
2.3 AIDS-graph
2.4 Our body game
2.5 Traffic light game
2.6 Boats of hope
2.7 Condom demonstration
2.8 Sexually transmitted infections (STI's)
2.9 Leticia's Story
2.10 The Stigma-Module new
2.11 ABC song
2.12 Questions, discussions and viewpoints

3 Further modules expended

4 References

5 Contact

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