2.9 Leticia’s story

The audience becomes aware about the meaning and the possible consequences of teenage sex. This module aims to make the participants think and to reflect about their own behaviour and to change attitudes.

exaggerated story, if possible in the local language

Telling a story.

The story is aimed at 10 up to 17-year-old pupils and teens who are soon to make their first sexual experiences, are doing so at the moment, or who have already had some sexual experiences.
The story is presented with distributed roles: storyteller, Leticia, Grando, Leticia’s father and mother, Leticia’s husband. The used names and the described situations should be adapted to the local context.
Because our story was not written in the local language it was afterwards translated. Through the use of simple and concise English words, many pupil and teens could follow the course of the story.

Leticia´s Story
[the story written and applied by us]

One day Grando would take over his father’s Photocopy Shop. However, at the moment he was only interested in Leticia, a 15-year-old girl from the neighbourhood. For two weeks they were secretly going out in the evenings with each other. Leticia had already a womanly appearance; one could clearly see that her body and her platted hair were very beautiful.

“No Grando, we are too young and we still have plenty of time,” she answered every time when Grando wanted to have sex with her. Grando did not give up: “Why do you torment me so, it is the most common thing in the world. I love you and when we are old enough we will marry anyway.” She was torn apart, on the one hand she loved Grando, on the other hand she had a bad feeling about having sex with him. Finally she gave in. The first time was painful; however, the following times it did not hurt anymore, but did not feel good. She did it, but only for Grando.

“Grando, for two months I have had no menstruation. I think I am pregnant,” said Leticia. Grando was not glad about this and their relationship was not like it was in the beginning. Some evenings he did not come and meet Leticia, and when he came they had sex but barely spoke. After Grando heard about Leticia´s pregnancy he came no more. “My feelings for you are not the same like in the beginning. I do not love you anymore” were his last words.

At least she could rely on her parents Leticia thought. However, her parents were very angry when they found out about her pregnancy: “We always wanted the best for you and what are you doing? You misuse our trust. You are a disgrace for your whole family. In future you will not visit Grando again. From tomorrow you are staying at home.”

Her girlfriends she only saw seldom. At the moment of her child’s birth almost everybody, including her former school friends, avoided her. Nobody wanted to have anything to do with her.

The child she had to raise up on her own, without the support of her parents. Her mother only told her: “Be glad that you can still live in our house, in regard to the disgrace you brought to the family.” The required money for the child and herself she had to earn by selling sugar cane at her former school. This brought not much in.

She seriously thought about killing herself but her relatives talked her out of it. Finally, they found a husband for her – a man who was too poor to pay a proper dowry and who was considered by most of the village girls to be quite a foolish, irresponsible and a lazy person. At this point she could not say no. She felt she was such a burden to her parents that she could not refuse, and so she married a man she did not even like.
Leticia was now in a very sad position. Her new husband was abusive towards her: “I don’t have any respect for such a discounted bride.”

The people in the village felt Leticia was lucky to get a husband at all considering how foolish she was in her youth.

10 Minutes for telling the story and another 10 minutes for the following explanation in the local language.

The command of the English and French language may be very low in several cases.
> Here it is recommendable to leave out the telling of the story and start right with the explanation in the local language

So far as time resources allow, this module can be released from the program and be used separately as a stimulus for a program aimed towards youth, gender issues and sexuality. Following discussions and teamwork are imaginable.

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